Useful phrases for travelers in Timor Leste

The local language of Timor Leste is called Tetun, and has several dialects differing the most in the hills.  Portuguese is the national language now taught in the schools and university, English is also being taught in schools at the moment. Bahasa Indonesian was spoken in the last 25 years, and many Timorese desire to speak it as a trading, business language.

Due to the vast number of UN workers in Dili, most people, especially youth, will know a smattering of English.


Good morning Bon dia
Good afternoon Botarde
Good evening/good night Bonoite
Goodbye Hau ba lai or Adeus
See you later Atelogu
See you tomorrow Ate amanyá
Please Favór ida
How are you? Diak ka lai?
Fine, thank you Diak, obrigadu (m) obrigada (f)
Where are you going? Ita ba nebee?
What is your name? Ita nia naran saida?
My name is Hau nia naran
What is this? Nee saida?
Where do you live? Ita hela iha nebee?
How far is it? Dook ka lae?
Is it on the left/right? Iha liman karuk /loos ka?
Where is? iha nebee?
Where is the market ? Merkadu (Basar) iha nebee?
Is the market far/close? Basar dook/besik ka?
How much does this cost? Nee folin hira?
That’s too expensive! Karun los!
I will give you … dollars Hau foo dolar…
OK, here’s the money Diak, osan maka nee
Where is the hospital? Klinika iha nebee?
Thank you (very much) Obrigadu (m),Obrigada (f) (barak.)
Excuse me Kolisensa
I’m sorry!


Source: navigatedili


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