Top Attractions in Timor Leste

Timor Leste is the youngest country in Southeast Asia and was formerly known as East Timor. Timor Leste occupies the eastern half in the island of Timor in south East Asia. It is an very large island located in the land of Indonesia which lies between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

Top attractions in Timor Leste consists of a number of wonderful beaches, landscape and mountain. The popular attractions and sight seeing of Timor Leste includes:

1. Dili capital is the popular attraction site of Timor Leste. There are beautiful beaches in and around the city. In all these beaches the travelers can enjoy the facility of diving and snorkeling.

– Lifau is a place where the Portuguese originally inhabited.

– Oecussi is an old fort situated at the top of the hill in the south of the town.

– The Cristo Rei of Dili  A big statute of Jesus Christ – stands at the top of Cape Fatucama situated at the top of the hill. This is a well known tourist attraction of Timor Leste.

– State museum of East Timor is another famous attraction of Timor Leste. It was established in 1995. This museum holds traditional crafts, musical instruments, paintings, religious wood carvings and wood figures.

– Arte Moris is a famous cultural center established in the February 2003 by a Swiss artist Luca Gansser and the youth of East Timor;

– Gabriela Gansser is a well known place to see in Timor Leste. It is the first fine art school within the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. It is a popular attraction for the tourists

2. The beach of Pasir Putih (also known as Areia Branca) is another poplar attraction for the travelers of Dili region.

3. Baucau is the second largest city in Timor Leste. This beautiful city holds the wonderful architecture of the colonial times and the caves used by the Japanese during the Second World War.
4. Atauro Island is a well known place of Timor Leste. This island offers boat ride with the wonderful experience of the dolphins and pilot whales. Snorkeling is also enjoyed in this island. Bamboo cabins at Tua Koin and the eco village is the most unique attraction of this place.

5. The old 17th century fort of Maubara. One part of the fort has military ruins from the Portuguese times and the other part has strong coastal sea facing walls.

6. Ainaro district:

Maubissa is a hill town of the past which offers the tourists long walks and trekking. Mambae house is the unique attraction of this place.

Mount Matebian and Loelaco Mountain which are perfect for mid-expert climbing and trekking enthusiasts.




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