Timorese cuisine

Timorese cuisine includes regional popular foods such as fish, pork, basil, tamarind, legumes, rice, corn, root vegetables, and tropical fruit. Timorese cuisine has influenced from Southeast Asian foods and from Portuguese dishes (from its colonisation by Portugal). Flavours and ingredients from other former Portuguese colonies can be found due to the presence of Portuguese soldiers from other colonies in Timor Leste.

The food in Timor Leste is divided into two categories: vegetarian and non vegetarian. As agriculture is the main occupation in Timor Leste, the primary food includes of rice as it is cultivated hugely in this country. Apart from rice, the other food items which is cultivated in this country includes sweet potatoes, maize, cassava and taro. The vegetables that are grown here consists of beans, spinach, cabbage, onions and cow peas.

The second category of food (non vegetarian) includes poultry, pigs and goats. Almost every house in Timor Leste domesticates all the above food items for meat purpose. As fishing is also an occupation after agriculture, so fish is also another food in this country.

Specialities dishes:



Batar daan dish – Image: 196flavors

Batar daan- A popular dish of corn, mung beans, and pumpkin.

Tapai- A fermented rice dish. It is sweet, sour, and slightly alcoholic.
Caril – A mild chicken curry with a roasted capsicum and coconut paste.
Budu- A sauce of tomato, mint, lime, and Spanish onion.
Ikan sabuko- A Spanish mackerel in tamarind marinade with basil and capsicum.
Feijoada – A common dish of former Portuguese colonies, it is made with pork, cannellini beans and chorizo.

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